Who We Are

What is the FaithMobile? What is your goal?

The FaithMobile is a Catholic non-profit organization that provides resources to educate and evangelize the people of the Archdiocese of Seattle.

We are the nation’s only mobile provider of Catholic books and gifts. Every†time we’re on the road, we remind locals†that their friends and†neighbors are passionate about our Catholic faith. We share resources to†help†families, returning Catholics,†people receiving sacraments, people with questions about the faith, clergy, and others.

Every item that leaves the FaithMobile becomes a reminder of our faith to the person receiving it and the others around them.

Are you approved by the Archdiocese? Are you authentically Catholic?

While we are not funded or operated by the Archdiocese, we operate with their approval and blessing. (Literally – Bishop Eusebio Elizondo himself blessed the FaithMobile when it first came to Western Washington.) Faithfulness to Catholic teaching and practices is essential to our mission.

Arenít you just a commercial store? Who keeps the profits when I buy something?

FaithMobile Ministries is a registered non-profit designed to get Catholic resources out where they are wanted and needed to†grow Catholic faith in Washington.

We†partner with Alleluia Catholic Stores, which retains profits from merchandise sold on board. It is our goal to keep Catholic resources accessible and available to all. Funds from your purchases keep ‘sticks and bricks’ Catholic stores available in some local communities, and by shopping on the FaithMobile, you help us reach people who couldn’t or wouldn’t patronize stores which are inconvenient or inaccessible.

Who works on the FaithMobile team?

We operate with a volunteer Board of Directors, paid staff include our Coordinator, drivers and cashiers.

We rely on ongoing and one-time volunteers to help at events, contact us at faithmobile1@gmail.com if you’d like to get involved.


What We Offer

What kind of products and resources do you have on board?

Our resources and products change from event to event, for a general idea of merchandise we carry see ‘What’s On Board.’

How can I put in a special order or request for merchandise thatís not on board?

Because our inventory varies from event to event, it isn’t possible to accommodate every special request. Contact your local Alleluia Catholic Store for a wider selection of merchandise and special requests.

Will there be something to appeal to my whole family?

We have everything from new baby gifts to communion, wedding and anniversary gifts. We have affordable kid-friendly books, coloring and activity books, jewelry, all the way through large-print senior-friendly resources.

What payments do you accept?

We accept cash, check, or Visa/MasterCard for larger transactions.


On The Road

Can the FaithMobile to come to my Catholic parish or public event?

Contact our Coordinator at faithmobilecoordinator@gmail.com or 425-998-7857 to learn more about scheduling a visit.

Can I help?

Yes! Our success depends on your help.

Help us spread the word by telling your pastor, parish staff, or event planners†about the FaithMobile!

We need volunteers to help at events and with some ‘behind the scenes’ functions.

We need donors to help us pay for gas, vehicle maintenance, and staff hours.

Contact our Coordinator at faithmobilecoordinator@gmail.com or 425-998-7857 to get involved.

Tax-deductible donations payable to FaithMobile Ministries can be made via check to:

FaithMobile Ministries, PO Box 2635, Kirkland WA 98083

We always need and appreciate your prayers. Thanks for answering the call to evangelize.